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Request a Signature Gathering Packet

Help us qualify I-1922 for the November 2022 ballot by collecting signatures from Washington voters between now and July 8. Please let us know how you would like to collect signatures by selecting a packet option underneath the request form.


Public Signature Gathering Packet

This packet has everything you need to collect signatures from people in public spaces. It includes multiple Yes on I-1922 petitions, cardboard clipboards, pens, a poster, information about the campaign, a return envelope, a volunteer button, and a mask.

If you request a public signature gathering packet, we will follow up with you to provide you with training and additional support from our team. We will also invite you to sign up for shifts at public events and locations, listed on our events calendar.


Friends & Family Signature Gathering Packet

This pared-down packet includes two Yes on I-1922 petitions, information about the campaign, and a return envelope. Collect signatures from friends, family, and other Washington voters in your personal networks.