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We need a better approach.

The War on Drugs is still ruining lives in Washington State. Getting thrown in jail and saddled with a criminal record for drug use prevents people from getting jobs, student loans, and places to live. Threatening people with arrest makes them afraid to ask for the help they need.

Washingtonians have known for a long time that treating drug use as a crime hasn’t worked. Commit to Change WA is a statewide effort to replace the failed policies of the past with proven approaches that address substance use disorder through prevention, outreach, and recovery services.

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What Leaders Around Washington Are Saying

Carmen Pacheco-Jones
Carmen Pacheco-Jones
"I credit treatment, not jail, with helping turn my life around."
Kurtis Robinson
Kurtis Robinson
"Prosecution and incarceration don’t work. I’m living proof that treatment works. Treatment needs to be the first thing, not the last thing after all these other things we’ve been trying for so long."
Salvador A. Mungia
Salvador A. Mungia
“Too often we try to solve societal problems with the criminal legal system, which is a blunt, overused hammer that doesn’t work."

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I-1922 to decriminalize drugs in Washington state rolls out

May 06, 2022

"A year after the Washington State Supreme Court’s Blake decision struck down the state’s felony drug possession law as unconstitutional, drug-reform advocates have proposed a ballot measure moving away from criminalizing drug use and instead focusing on harm reduction and treatment.

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